Hat Care


Cleaning a hat should be done with the utmost care. Never submerge your hat in water, or try to wash it in a conventional washing machine. Spot clean stains immediately with a tablespoon of regular laundry detergent mixed into a cup of cold water. Dampen a cloth  with the mixture and dab on stains. Be sure not to completely soak the area with moisture, instead alternate dabbing and drawing excess moisture from the material with a paper towel. Excess water on your hat will cause the stiffeners which hold its shape to dissolve. If your hat has lost it's shape and is in need of stiffening, please see our Repairs page.



Hats should be stored in a cool dry place, away from sunlight. The best place to store your hat is in a box, crown down supported by a paper nest.



You should always be mindful in handling you hats. The oils from your fingers can stain a hat with repeated handing at the same point. For delicate fascinators always handle by the most sturdy point, the base. Hats should be pulled on and off via the brim. Though it's enticing to handle your hat by the pinch, over time this can cause your hat to misshape.



Fascinators should never be worn in the rain or snow. Fur and wool felts hats should be treated with a water based scotch guard prior to wear in the rain. Your Milliness hat will be pre-sprayed with a coating to last the first 2-3 months. If your hat becomes wet, pat dry with a cloth or paper towel. Do not attempt to dry the hat yourself as the application of heat can cause your hat to shrink. Leave in a cool dry place to dry naturally. Make sure your hat is left supported in it's natural shape. A wet hat left to dry misshapen will stay like that.



If you want your hat to remain as perfect as the day is was purchased, it should never be crushed. Traveling with a box is your best option, however if one is not available, you may pack your hat the following way:

Fedora: Wrap a dress, pair of pants of sweater around the crown of your hat to make a nest. Place at the center of your suitcase and pack around.

Fascinators: Wrap in a few layers of tissue paper and slip into a sturdy bag. Place in the center of your suitcase and pack around.

If you are bringing more than one hat or headpiece, it is advisable to stack one inside the other depending on their size. However never force down a hat into the crown of the other, as it may warp the shape.