New Fall Styles in Felt

Fall Hat season in Toronto has arrived when I see skirts lengthen and sweaters begin to dot the streets. For the big retailers like The Gap, H&M and my old home Goorin Bros Hat shop, transitional fabric weights have been in the shops since August. A luxury for the solo-hat maker though, is that we don't necessarily have to turn on the fall inspiration as early as that.

This will absolutely be a year for more earthy minimal pieces, moving later into glitzier classic statements for the holidays. Wovens, natural dyed wools, leather, golds and silver will be my pallet, splashed sparingly with prints. But of course there are also the wildly fun custom requests that let me go in another direction altogether.

On the Block:

Two-Tone Fur felt Cloche

It's never to early to get in a request for a birthday gift. This particular project has been drifting around in my head waiting to grow into the right idea. When approached to make a gift for someone - I have a lot of questions that need to be answered before I can get to imagining a concept. As funny as it seems, hat making is intimate! You have to have an understanding of the likes and dislikes of your client, take into account how they treat their things, how they see themselves in the world.

Blocking a ladies felt hat

Blocking a fur felt cloche


I'm lucky to know the wonderful lady who's to receive this custom Fur Felt cloche - chosen by her son to be both a staple and a statement piece for the Fall. Like me, she has a smaller face shape that needs to be balanced with a petite brim. We want to make sure she's cozy and apt to wear it on a cold day, so the crown has to bee deep enough to make it secure and also protective of the ears.

When complete I plan to introduce this new shape in a few two tone colours for Fall. Check back to see the final piece next week!


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